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Elizabeth Weir Daily

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Spread and share the love of Elizabeth Weir and Torri Higginson.

1. This is a daily picture posting community. We encourage posting of your own graphics here as long as they are related to Elizabeth Weir or Torri Higginson

2. Images from episodes that have not yet aired in the United States must be placed behind a cut with a warning

3. Don't Hotlink pictures from other site. Try uploading them to photobucket or imageshack instead.

4. Place images wider than 400px behind a cut, or use a thumbnail. For posts containing multiple images, no more than two thumbnails may be posted without using a cut. Thumbnail width should not exceed 250px.

5. This community is organized by a tagging-system. Please check the list for the relevant tags or let the mods do it.

6. Have fun and play nice.

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